Benjamin Soames

第一位杀号:Benjamin Soames

Benjamin Soames trained at LAMDA. He has appeared in the popular TV series Sharpe and toured worldwide in Measure for Measure with Cheek by Jowl. A former Royal Marine Commando, serving in Kosovo and Iraq, he teaches Hostile Environment Security Training for the EU and is still active as a close protection officer in the UK and abroad. His productions for Naxos AudioBooks include Tales from the Greek Legends, Tales from the Norse Legends, The Tale of Troy, The Adventures of Odysseus, Venus and Adonis, Great Inventors and their Inventions, Great Scientists and their Discoveries and Afghanistan – In a Nutshell.

Titles read by Benjamin Soames
The Adventures of Odysseus (unabridged)
Afghanistan – In a Nutshell (unabridged)
The Christmas Collection (unabridged)
Classic Erotic Verse (selections)
Classic Poems for Boys (unabridged)
Classic Poems for Girls (unabridged)
The Great Poets – Samuel Taylor Coleridge (selections)
Composers’ Letters (selections)
Dinosaurs (unabridged)
Dracula (abridged)
A Family Christmas (unabridged)
From Shakespeare – with love (selections)
The Glory of Ancient Greece (unabridged)
Great Adventurers (unabridged)
Great Inventors and their Inventions (unabridged)
Great Men and Women in the History of Medicine (unabridged)
Great Rulers of Ancient Rome (unabridged)
Great Scientists and their Discoveries (unabridged)
Great Victorians (unabridged)
Gulliver’s Travels: Retold for younger listeners (abridged)
Hamlet (unabridged)
The Junior Homer (unabridged)
Kings and Queens of England (unabridged)
Lady Windermere’s Fan (unabridged)
Macbeth (unabridged)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (unabridged)
The Moonstone (unabridged)
More Great Inventors and Their Inventions (unabridged)
More Great Scientists and Their Discoveries (unabridged)
Stories from Shakespeare – The Plantagenets (unabridged)
The Tale of Troy (unabridged)
Tales from the Greek Legends (unabridged)
More Tales from the Greek Legends (unabridged)
Tales from the Norse Legends (unabridged)
Twelfth Night (unabridged)
Venus & Adonis, The Rape of Lucrece (unabridged)
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